Thứ Bảy, 7 tháng 9, 2013

Nghe An Police repudiated an agreement, brutally repressed people

CTV Danlambao - Two months ago, Nghe An Police kidnapped Ngo Van Khoi and Nguyen Van Khai, two Catholic parishioners of My Yen Parish in Nghe An. Until confronted by parishioners, police cited the reason for the arrests is "disturbing public order." Getting upset with the illegal arrest, arbitrary detention, and unjust charge of Mr. Ngo and Mr. Nguyen, on Sept. 03, 2103, thousands of people gathered at the People’s Committee of My Phuong Commune, Nghi Loc District, Nghe An Province to protest the illegal arrests carried out by police force and demanded the release of the two parishioners.

Under the pressure of the people, the authorities of the Nghe An Province and Nghi Loc District promised the people that they would release Mr. Ngo and Mr. Nguyen by 4 p.m. on Sept. 04, 2103. Family members, relatives and friends of the two detainees joined thousands of local people to wait for their release as promised. 

However, the authorities repudiated a settlement agreement to release the detainees and mobilized a huge force with thousands of riot police and security guards equipped with batons, guns, weapons, and dogs to repress people brutally.

In particular, they seriously beat and injured many women and children. Many people were beaten up, dragged to prison vans, and carried away. Currently, police have inflicted major injuries on more than 20 people, including a young student Nguyen Van Be, who suffers a traumatic brain injury and was hospitalized at Xa Doai Hospital.

Currently, the authorities continue to strengthen the police force for an ongoing brutal and bloodthirsty oppression. 

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